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4s + 3i =1p -- Multiple percussion Solo - Grade 1-2
Jeffrey Parthun, Sr. 
One of he fun things about being a percussionist is being able to play a number of instruments at the same time. The musical equation 4s + 3i = 1p is the formula for having an enormous amount of fun playing a multiple percussion setup such as this solo foe 2 tom-toms and snare drum.

Price: $4.00


(or Quad Toms)
David Mancini
An excellent moderately difficult contest or recital solo for multiple toms.

Performance below courtesy Zak Young, Kenyon College.

MP-10002 (NY, TX)
Price: $8.00

Fanfare for Perc.jpg

Fanfare for Percussion
Brad Alexander

A comprehensive multiple percussion solo, utilizing a large battery of percussion instruments for the intermediate player. Fanfare is an ideal introduction to the contemporary genre. The piece has the performer playing multiple instruments simultaneously and includes an improvisational section.

Fanfare will challenge the young player on many different levels.


Murray Houllif 
A multiple percussion solo using vibraphone, marimba, and several other percussion instruments. Challenging and effective writing.

MP-10003 (NY)
Price: $6.00


Greg Holloway 

A collection of percussion solos and duets. Composed for the intermediate percussion student. Solos included are for snare drum, bongos, tom toms, cymbals, concert bass drum, tambourine and wood block using various sticks and mallets.

Price $20.00


Cary Dachtyl
Preludio Libraria is a multi-percussion solo of medium difficulty for timpani, chimes, field drum and large gong. It takes it's thematic material from the sounds of Columbus' downtown church bells, parades and quotes a traditional military drum call for soldier's mess commonly called "Roast Beef", that was used during the civil war. The prelude was a commission  composed for the reopening ceremony of the Columbus Metropolitan Main Library. 
Price $8.00

Cary Dachtyl performing Preludio Libraria at the Columbus Metro Library


James L. Moore 

Great for learning basic tambourine techniques in a slightly humorous setting.

Price: $3.00


TRIAGE for three snare drums

Greg Holloway
New multiple percussion solo for three snare drums. Dedicated to the Healthcare workers
as well as the people who practice Social Distancing during the 2020 pandemic. 
Click on Cover to see video

Price $8.00

Un poco.jpg

UN POCO PACO: Multiple Percussion Solo

Jeffrey Parthun, Sr.
This Grade 1-2 piece is a great introduction to the skills needed to play multiple percussion solos.  The “mini lesson” included describes how the one player should set up and execute the playing of the snare drum, tom-tom, suspended cymbal, and maraca, all with smooth movements.

Price: $5.00


UPACARA FOR SOLO PERCUSSION Jeremy Kirk uses an assortment of membranophones along with resonant metallic percussion to imitate gamelan, Upicara depicts a mystic and sometime barbaric ancient archipelagic ritual. Great solo piece for concert or recital. Video below is the composer performing Upacara.

Percusive Arts Society Review - According to the composer’s notes, this work for multiple percussion soloist is intended to imitate gamelan while depicting a mystic and barbaric ancient ritual. A notation key and suggested setup for each piece is provided, as is clear notation of the implements required along with when and how each implement change should occur.

Jeremy Kirk uses a traditional staff-based notation system for the majority of the work, but several passages are indicated without meter, and there are a few instances of boxed note collections to be performed freely using time indications rather than tempo. Most of the piece is performed using what would be considered common instrument striking techniques, but with a wide variety of implements and a few effects such as scraping or swirling on congas, and a gong rubbed with a rubber-ball mallet. Sticking and mallet numbering are provided extensively, which along with the setup diagram and notes should make the piece more approachable for students less familiar with managing logistics of a multiple percussion work.

Overall, “Upacara” features a nice balance of groove sections and aleatoric passages, includes technical and musical demands that are equally appropriate for undergraduate performance, and the work seems potentially engaging for both audiences and performers.

—Josh Gottry 

MP-10006 (TX)
Price: $12.00

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