Drum Line

Darryl J. Mika is a former member of the U.S.M.C Drum and Bugle Corps. He served as director of the Buckeye State Caballaros Drum and Bugle Corps and Percussion Instructor for both the Northern Lights and Bluecoats. He is presently working at Baldwin-Wallace University as Percussion caption for the Marching Yellow Jackets. 

Inspired by Kodo drumming of Japan, Darryl J. Mika composed Sudu for the American marching drum line. One definition of Kodo is “heartbeat”. In Sudu, Darryl simulates the taiko (Japanese drums) with American counterparts. The heartbeat of the piece is the o-daiko (large drum), covered by three bass drums (minimum 26”) mounted on stadium stands with the heads looser than normal. The snares represent the small rope tensioned shime-daiko, The quads and pitched bass drums represent miscellaneous sized chu-daiko. This is a piece to have fun with.

Price: $25.00

The most well known of the Hungarian Dances by Johannes Brahms (completed in 1869), Hungarian Dance #5 has been turned into an exciting arrangement for marching percussion. Scored for bells, xylophone, snare drum, quads, bass drum, and cymbals, Darryl features each of the sections through the csardas folk melodies of Hungary with the pulsating rhythms of America.

Price: $25.00

Percussion Up Front Series
by James L. Moorefor Snare Drums- Quad Toms-Bass Drums (4) & Cymbals
Full Scores & Set of Parts $25.00 for each volume
This series of marching percussion compositions provides material that will be equally effective and useful for smaller sections with limited numbers or players or for large marching percussion sections. For sections with fewer than 4 tonal bass drums, the parts may be adapted to best fit the number of bass drums in your section. These arrangements may be edited down (made easier) or edited up (made more difficult), and portions of any of the pieces may be extracted, to fit your specific needs.

Volume 1 - Cadences 
(A-1 Saws-InService-Samba Swing)

Volume 2 - Warmups 
(Beam Me Up-The Three Camps-A-B-C Warmup)

Volume 3 - Cheers 
(Go Team/Fight Team-Let’s Go Team-Come On Team/Let’s Beat-em)

Volume 4 - Solo Features (short)
(Four Leaf Clover-Thump n’ Grin)

Volume 5 - Solo Feature (long) 
(The Big Bang)

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