New Music

Exciting New Percussion Duets


Sarah Waters
Written for two percussionists, one on drum set the other on a small multi percussion set-up, this new duet is based on the themes from Ionization by Edgard Varese. Check out the video below to hear Sarah Water and Renee Keller's performance.



Kirk Hickman
Written for two percussionists, one on marimba with bongos, a tom tom and Hi-Hat, the other on Vibraphone with snare drum two toms, Bass Drum and a Suspended Cymbal. Hear an audio recording of the duet below. Downloadable Playalong files are available on this website.


New Mallet Solos


Rumores de la Caleta
Isaac Albéniz arr. Ethan Burkett
A fine transcription of Albéniz’s guitar
piece for solo marimba.


Dnase Anime.jpg

Danse Animé
Gary E. Parks
Wow, that’s a fun piece.  First thing I thought when I heard Danse Animé. Great solo for xylophone and piano with an optional percussion part for two blocks, tanbourine and suspended cymbal. Sure to become a popular contest piece. Check out the recording below.


New Timpani Solo

Hat Tricks.jpg

Hat Tricks
Gary E, Parks
This work is all about High School (early college) students...sticking, pedaling, ear training, but not going "overboard" in the challenging aspect. For four timpani and a Hi-Hat.


New Percussion Solo

Fanfare for Perc.jpg

Fanfare for Percussion
Brad Alexander
A comprehensive multiple percussion solo, utilizing a large battery of percussion instruments for the intermediate player. Fanfare is an ideal introduction to the contemporary genre. The piece has the performer playing multiple instruments simultaneously and includes an improvisational section. Fanfare will challenge the young player on many different levels. 


Fanfare for Percussion

NEW Mallet Ensembles


Smiles & Chuckles - F. Henri Klickman
arr. John Hill

Brand new arrangement for marimba quintet from eminent percussion educator Dr. John Hill.His insiteful performance notes round out this classic Rag.


Fair Phyllis.jpg

Fair Phyllis I Saw - John Farmer
arr. Kirk Hickman

Brand new arrangement for marimba quartet of a lovely English Madrigal. This tune has become popular again in arrangements by John Rutter for the Cambridge Singers. Medium difficulty with some meter changes. Very full arrangement that can be performed on two marimbas if necessary.


NEW Percussion Ensembles


The Wind That is Always Changing!
Nicholaus Meyers

Written for large percussion ensemble (12+) this piece uses several techniques and instruments to depict the sound of wind. Throughout the piece, there are various sections that are “Always Changing”. 


The Wind that is Always Changing

Down By the Ohio.jpg

Down by the O-HI-O.
arr. Brian Monroe

Another great arrangement from Brian Monroe. 
This arrangement is for a mallet quintet of solo xylophone and 4 marimbas. There are two fun percussion parts consisting of Hi-Hat, China Cym, Tom tom, Tambourine, Wood Block Cow Bell Sus and Splash Cyms. and a Steamboat Whistle.



Yes, We Have No Bananas!
arr. Brian Monroe

Great fun. Peppy arrangement for percussion quintet. This version is fashioned in the style of Spike Jones with all the “toys”. 


New Duets


Dance of the Lampyridae
Evan Gedert

Exciting new duet for two marimbas by one of Permus’ newest composers. Sure to become a recital standard. Listen to the composer’s performance below.


21 Duets.jpg

21 Progressive Duets for Snare Drum and Timpani
Greg Holloway

Written for snare drum and two timpani, this collection provides the teacher and student material used in developing skills necessary to perform in ensembles. Another great collection by master teacher and performer Greg Holloway


New Timpani Solo

Two Voices.jpg

Two Voices for Solo Timpani
Brad Alexander

Written for four timpani, this new solo uses various techniques to create an intersting and challenging piece. Written by New York show veteran Brad Alexander. Suitable for recital or contest.


New Percussion Ensembles


Sunrise Relay for Young Percussion Ensemble
Thomas Roblee

Sunrise Relay is a rhythmically vibrant and melodically uplifting work. Inspired by traditional music elements from Ghana and Mexico, it begins with a djembe call that signifies changing sections throughout the piece. Kpanlogo, axatse, and gankogui contribute supporting rhythmic roles while the djembe and marimba patterns change, passing the spotlight back and forth. (The composer offers suggestions for substitutions if traditional African instruments are not available.)


Lake Middle School performance of Sunrise Relay


Thomas Roblee

Ghanaian Sunset is a quartet inspired by traditional music elements from Ghana. It is built from melodic quotes of northwest Ghanaian gyil music and supported by original material throughout. This piece offers students an opportunity to work in a chamber ensemble setting and provide their individual voices during improvisation sections.  The composer offers suggestions for substitutions if traditional African instruments are not available.


Strongsville Ohio High School performance of Ghanaian Sunset 


River Run  
Christian E. Roseboro

Written for advanced percussion quintet, River Run is a continuous piece in three sections. Challenging and fun to play. A great piece to show off your percussion section. Advanced 4 mallet Marimba part. 
Instrumentation:  Bells, Marimba, Vibraphone, Woodblock, Brake Drum, Timbales, Triangle, Shakers, Claves, Rainstick, Bass Drum, Tam-tam, Vibra slap, Slide Whistle, Sleigh Bells, Cow Bell, Tambourine, Sus. Cymbal, 4 Concert Toms, Mark Tree, Snare Drum, Splash Cymbal, Slapstick. 


Sample of River Run (midi)

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